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 At ROC Homes we believe in building our relationships before we even start building your home. Our commitment to service is roc-solid because we care about creating an extraordinary buying and building experience for you. We always take time to listen to our home buyers before, during, and after the sale first with our Award Winning Profesional Designer who will learn the "ins and outs" of your personal style and lifestyle. Second with our Construction Managers who will manage the construction of your home with meticulous skill and attention. Finally, our Warranty folks take a great deal of pride in helping homeowners adjust to their new home and make certain it is running as planned and built.

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The first step is easy: tell us where your lot is located in the Inner Loop and we'll take it from there. Let ROC Homes help you discover how easy building-on-your-lot can be. Relax in our Design Studio and let our award winning in-house designer help you personalize your home while staying on your budget. We've put together a "Build Your Lot FAQ's" which we hope will answer many of those unknowns for our clients. Our Personalization Catalog will help you choose add-ons for your home and finally, our BOYL Specifications which answers the age old question of  "what is, and what is not included in my home?" We hope our processes will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your new home come to life.

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For the inner designer in you! We understand that home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, need to see, feel and experience firsthand the selections going into their home so we designed and constructedour own Design Studio conveniently located in the Greenway Plaza area hired a professional Interior Designer to work with and guide you through the process of personalizing your home. In Houston, we’re known for specializing in the must-have Inner-Loop properties at an affordable price but we don't discourage personalization.


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