ROC Hires Rocky Flores as VP of Sales & Business Development

Eric Hymowitz of Houston based ROC Homes announced that the company has a new Vice President of Sales and Business Development – Rocky Flores. “Rocky Flores brings a new dynamic of energy to ROC Homes and is passionate about the building business,” said Hymowitz,

Flores started in the building industry in August of 2010. Before coming to ROC Homes he was the Director of Business Development at his previous company working in the building industry providing technology to over 120 residential builders in the Houston area.

“I have goals that I want ROC Homes to achieve and we have a very strong team to get to accomplish these goals” said Rocky Flores. Currently we build about 20-24 homes a year. My goal is for us to average 30-35 homes in the Houston area per year.” Flores said he wants to see a steady growth over the years to come. He said “We want to grow at an acceptable pace.”

Outside of Flores’career he stays pretty active in the Greater Houston Builder Association and currently serves on the Executive board. ” Volunteering time on the GHBA board has been a great experience as I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with some of the best builders in the business.

Rocky Flores has spent all his life in the Houston area. He loves the city and all of it’s sport’s teams. He has a passion for baseball and teaching the game . He is the co-owner of Cruz Baseball the Organization. We help youth develop their baseball game. We also teach these young kids the importance of hard work and dedication and what it means to be a good teammate,” said Flores.

Eric Hymowitz loves how dedicated Rocky Flores is about the Houston area. Throughout the history of ROC Homes, Hymowitz has made it a mission to help charities in the Houston area that have a deep impact of the ROC Home family. Recently, Hymowitz announced a new plan to help get more people involved in Houston area organizations.

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