Home Tour Technology – we got it!

Have you ever heard of it? Ditto here!

Thank goodness for trades shows, or we wouldn’t have either! This service/application allows first-time driveby customers to tour a completed unsold ROC home instantly. Our customers have been telling us they would have visited an open house but…life is a seriously full plate for everyone these days.  ROC Homes found another way to tour one of our homes 365 days a year from 8:00 AM to dusk. Enter Nternow.com. Stop by one of our homes, download the app, and within minutes get a unique passcode. Waa-la…you’re touring!

We invite you to visit today!

Try out our Tour Technology at our available move-in ready homes: 6 Hyde Park Blvd, 8 Hyde Park Blvd and 2916 Helena St (right next door to each other!)

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