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Throughout the years, our satisfied ROC homeowners have expressed their appreciation for our services. 

“It has been a pleasure working with you! I look forward to showing off our house.” Mr. Foster, West University

ROC Team: Wanted to take a minute while I could pause to say thank you for your time today and for all you your team is doing to make our house the beautiful home we have always dreamed of years.  Dan is always patient and professional with us and we appreciate everything you are all doing to make our dream a reality. We hope you know how grateful we are. Have a great 3 day weekend!"

​Paul and Rebecca, Bellaire

Mailed survey dated 11/29/16

The process was very straightforward and we feel satisfied. The whole Team was very courteous. The build quality is very good and we are looking forward to living here for many years to come.

Thank you,

Ayselgul and Anur

Aysegul Dastan & Onur Fidaner - Oak Forest

Byron and Juanita - Meyerland

Thanks, again, to each one of you for giving up time this morning out of your busy day to enable Byron and I to get pictures of us with all the wonderful, talented people who had a part in creating this beautiful house for us to live in for the next 30 years! :). We will frame and display it in a place of honor and give your firm a hearty recommendation when visitors ask us, "Who are those people with you?" Out of the shock and sadness immediately after the flood have come so-o-o many blessings, and our new house is certainly one from the ROC Homes team, and, of course our daughter, Jana, too.

Byron and Juanita - Meyerland

"Thanks to everyone at ROC! We are certain you are dancing in the streets right now after finishing my home! It takes more patience than I will ever have to provide the kind of service you offer to the public and your clients."

Chris and Jennifer, Rice Military

"Yes! Please use us as a homeowner reference. We love our home."

Iram and Steven, Bellaire

John and Ginya Trier

"Our desire to write this letter began long before completion of our wonderful home by ROC Homes. We are delighted and proud of our new home and the beauty, craftsmanship and foresight built into our home has been acknowledged by professionals and lay persons alike that see our home."

Lenny and Barbie, West University

"Without exception, the employees and contractors of ROC Homes have been courteous, responsive and honorable."

Margaret, West University

"It has been a pleasure working with you! I look forward to showing off our house."

Ms. Foster, West University

"Despite our aggressive deadline, the ROC team completed our home on time, did an outstanding job and exceeded our expectations."

Paul, Timbergrove Terrace

"ROC Homes makes the process of having your first home built easy and stress free!"

Sunail, West University

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