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Oak Forest was established in 1947 by Oak Forest Realty Corporation, owned by Frank Sharp, a developer who would later establish Sharpstown. Oak Forest Realty Corporation built houses only in Section 1 (Golf Dr to Oak Forest Dr, and Du Barry Ln to W 43rd St). Sharp would later develop the neighborhood for 17 additional sections by building streets and installing utility lines, but left the home construction to other contractors.

The first house, which served as a sales office, was built at the corner of Golf and Fisher Dr. Almost all of the first houses were sold to World War II veterans for $8,000-$10,000. One of the original homeowners, Ruth Metzger, bought her house in April 1947, when it was only a slab and still lived there through 2008.

In 2011 an article in the Houston Chronicle referred to Oak Forest as the "new West University". Some refer to Oak Forest as "like a little mini Bellaire, but with better prices. Oak Forest is in northwest Houston, outside of, and north of the 610 Loop and east of U.S. Route 290. It is located near West 43rd Street, and is between T. C. Jester and Interstate 45. Richard Connelly of the Houston Press said "Oak Forest itself is a less prominent little sister to Garden Oaks" and that "Oak Forest offers everything Garden Oaks does, more or less, but at cheaper prices." Connelly added that if the 610 Loop experiences heavy traffic in its main lanes, "there are plenty of alternative ways to get home." [Source: Wikipedia]

But Oak Forest is not happy to remain just a “small community on the outskirts of downtown Houston”. The SPARK Park committee has announced their plans to raise at least $100,000 to create the kind of park Stevens Elementary and the community deserve. This would include creating fitness stations, outdoor learning areas and a play area for all to enjoy. Through SPARK, HISD, and Stevens Fundraising, we are already nearly halfway to our goal, having raised $45,000.

SPARK Park is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) program through the City of Houston that helps public schools improve their community grounds. With SPARK Park and its alliance with Houston ISD, we have the opportunity to make major improvements to our out-door areas. Vibrant school grounds stimulate economic growth, increase our property values, bolster school and com-munity pride, and help curb crime. [Source: Stevens Elementary ]

We are currently SOLD OUT in Oak Forest and Garden Oaks but we're always on the watch for a lot to purchase. We build all around the Inner Loop - Montrose, Sawyer Heights and West U/College Court Place.

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