What are Current Trends?

We have found over the years that our “Inner Loop” urban homebuyers want to showcase their style but don’t quite know where to start. Trends come and go and fads fade. That’s why we designed and built our own Design Studio right next to our corporate offices. Rather than sending you all over town searching for that style sit in the comfort of our Studio while perusing our 150 page photo album of standard features, current trends and popular styles.

Unleash Your Inner Designer

With the help of a true professional you will be guided through our on-site Design Studio. Flip through our Personalization Catalog and ROC’s photo montage. Bring pictures of your ‘dream home’ so we can identify your lifestyle and determine your individuality while keeping you firmly planted in your comfort zone – financially and personally.

Building Effortlessly

If you’re even considering purchasing a new home we invite you to visit with us to get firm answers to all of your new home questions, about what is and is not included and about our solid time-tested processes and solutions to building a new home effortlessly. Contact us today to arrange an appointment at our Design Studio.

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An award winning builder in Houston since 2002

Our in-house Interior Designer/Operations Manager, Tonnie Milligan, brings more than 17 years' experience in the Houston-area new home market. Awards include 2015 and 2013 winner GHBA PRISM “Design Center Associate of the Year”. Tonnie has worked as a Design Director for a Fortune 500 Company, as well as for custom and semi-custom builders, and she holds a specialization in option design for new residential construction. Creativity and knowledge are powerful resources she provides to all of her customers, ensuring that each home is designed and built to make dreams a reality.

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