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In Houston being close to work is almost a necessity for today's busy families and why, since our inception in 2002, ROC Homes has made it our business to buy lots and build only in Houston's best urban or "in town" neighborhoods. We've watched over the years as Houston's Inner Loop has grown and evolved as we have here at ROC to fit the needs of our customers. Just as importantly we believe in 'fitting' into the communities and neighborhoods as seamlessly as possible. Our single family "First Floor Living" homes with private driveways, and patio yards has proven to fit into many different lifestyles be it first time homebuyers, growing families or downsizing Empty Nesters. We hope you will drop by our community pages to learn a little more about the Inner Loop locations we build in.

Make It Personal!

We have our own in-house multiple award winning Designer and Design Studio to guide you through the often-stressful selection process. Our "Personalization Catalog" allows you to 'shop' our most popular customer driven custom options with precise pricing to eliminate the guess work of personalizing your new home. All ROC Homes come with hundreds of buyer-driven features but our Designer is committed to helping you make the right decisions based on your needs and wants and still keep you on budget. Before we start your home every tiny decision is finalized in our studio down to door knob style and the color of the trim so you can sit back and relax and enjoy watching your home come together!


ROC Homes' builds fully warranted, energy efficient, beautifully constructed new homes starting in the low $400's in many urban communities inside Houston's Inner Loop. Many here at ROC Homes, as well as contractors, trades and suppliers have been with us since the beginning (2002) and we all understand that being the best value new home is not all that homeowners today expect when purchasing their new home.

Build it Right

Value does not always mean quality these days but ROC Homes has been building value-based ROC SOLID homes in urban Houston for over 14 years. "Build it right and they will come", build it SOLID and it will withstand the test of time just as we have. We also understand time is money - especially in our hurry up world - and your time even more so.

On Time, On Budget

Because we build our most popular floor plans as often as possible we've become proficient at building them. We're consistently reevaluating the cost of materials as we fine tune the purchasing and building process house by house. This enables us to cut down considerably on waste - a cost normally passed on to the customer - and gives us the ability to accurately project when your home will be finished and historically when promised.

ROC Solid Warranty

But we're not finished yet; even solid, value based homes need attention after the sale and closing and why warranty concerns are the first topic we cover every Monday morning. Your warranty is monitored every step of the way until we have resolved any issues to your total satisfaction. SOLID companies stand behind their products and ROC Homes is committed to doing just that.

Design Studio

For the inner designer in you!

We understand that home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, need to see, feel and experience firsthand the selections going into their home so we designed and constructed our own Design Studio conveniently located in the Greenway Plaza area hired a professional Interior Designer to work with and guide you through the process of personalizing your home. In Houston, we’re known for specializing in the must-have Inner-Loop properties at an affordable price but we don’t discourage personalization.

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Build on Your Lot
Frequently Asked Questions

+1. Do you buy the lot or do we?

Typically, folks come to ROC having already purchased a lot. We can also put you in touch with our Realty Associate who can help you find a lot.

+2. Do you offer financing for the lot and home?

We would be happy to recommend loan experts in the field of “Piggy-Back” or “Dual Loans” for building on your lot and eventually to finance the home to be built. ROC prefers not to commit financially to purchasing the lot for you. We have been in business since 2002 by being financially ready to purchase lots for Ready-To-Build inventory at any time of the year.

+3. We’ve just made an offer on a lot what does ROC suggest we do first to make sure the lot is a good one?

We suggest a soils test and can refer you to a company who will work directly with you. This 15 page report will tell your builder (any builder) what kind of slab will be required for the lot. The cost to you is about $600. We also recommend you ask for a recent survey from the Seller. This will inform you of any easements that might impinge upon the size of the home to be built, driveway and sidewalk requirements, of the lot. Easements vary from town to town.

+4. What is the typical deposit to start a home build?

If it is one of our Ready-to-Build homes on our lot, a $10,000 Earnest Money deposit is required at contract written to and deposited by ROC Homes Texas Inc. Also, once the home has started a Commencement Fee of $10,000 is required as well. Both deposits are refunded toward your closing costs. For a Build on your Lot we charge a non-refundable $10,000 “Design Fee” for design, architectural, and/or engineering tweaking to our plans to make it “just right” for you and your family. This fee is then used to reduce your overall costs once you’ve procured a loan. When the home starts we will require a 10% deposit as well.

+5. Will you build a home from architectural plans we already have?

I’m afraid not. However, if none of our plans fit your needs we will happily recommend one of our Architects to you. You can choose from their ‘stock’ floor plans or they can design your home based on your survey, soils test, flood plain needs, etc. The charge typical for this is $1500 - $3,000. Price is based on the size of home you want to build.

+6. If we choose a plan from ROC Homes’ portfolio, can we change the floor plan as we choose?

It depends upon how much you wish to spend. Moving major walls, adding windows, enlarging patios, adding rooms can all increase the base price of the home considerably. The least expensive way to go is stay as close to the original floor plan as possible.

+7. What other costs will there be?

A 100% deposit is requested at the time of your 2nd Design Appointment for any items from our Personalization Catalog or that has been priced for you.

+8. What size lots do your homes fit on?

All of our “Build-On-Your-Lot” semi-custom homes will fit on the typical Houston Inner Loop lots of 50 x 100. Please see our floor plans.

+9. How long does it take to build the home after we’ve written the contract?

It depends upon which area of the Inner Loop you’re building in. City of Houston usually takes 4-5 months. West University Place and City of Bellaire are taking 6- 7 months. Part of the reason the same home costs one-quarter more in cost.

+10. Can we buy (BLANK) and have you install it for us?

It’s very important that we warranty every item we install in your home. Even if the item you were to bring to us does fine after installation it could cause other things to fail that are not covered by ROC’s Warranty Program.

+11. Can ROC purchase (BLANK) for us and install it?

We will be happy to price out items that we can readily order from one of our suppliers and distributors.

+12. What if I don’t like any of the tile flooring choices?

ROC’s Designer, Tonnie Milligan, has 30 years of experience running and designing Design Centers for some of the largest builders in the Country. We’re confident that you will find something you love in our Showroom.

+13. Do you offer things like extra crown molding or upgrade appliances if we want them?

Absolutely – please call or email us for a copy of our “Personalization Catalog” with close to 100 items priced for your convenience.

+14. Can we roll the cost of our upgrades into the homes price?

Absolutely! Discuss this with your Sales Manager early in the process so you can be re-qualified for that amount with your lender long before we arrived at closing.

+15. Can we pay for upgrades over a period of time? Not all upfront?

We here at ROC Homes understand the purchase of a new home comes with numerous upfront expenses and will be happy to accommodate you with a payment plan for your Custom Selections.

+16. Can my Father/Brother/Cousin install the (BLANK) while building to save us some money?

Due to liability issues we can allow only installers and contractors with a contractual obligation to ROC Homes to enter our properties.

+17. Why don’t you offer a sprinkler system as an upgrade?

We have had trouble in the past procuring landscapers who have been, are, and will be in business long enough to guarantee our homeowners a 1 Year Warranty. Also, many of our patio homes drainage fairs much better using a simple soaker hose rather than sprinklers that can be forgotten…

+18. We heard from a couple of our friends/family members what a nighmare it is to build a home from scratch. What guarantees can you provide us that we won’t become another statistic?

Unfortunately there can be no guarantees there won’t be issues or concerns that arise or that we won’t make any mistakes. What we can guarantee is you will be the first person we call should anything out of the ordinary arise. Also, we are the only Builder to give our buyers their very own copy of, “THE BOOK - A comprehensive yet fun step-by-step guide from contract to close that answers the question everyone wants to ask…What’s Next?”

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